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Apploud Digital

Libušina 49/3, 128 00 Praha 2

  • Development
  • Digitální marketing a PPC
  • E-commerce
  • Mobilní aplikace
  • Webdesign

We design, create and maintain tailor-made apps and websites.

Ocenění a úspěchy

  • 2023

    WebTop 100 2. místo v kategorii Digitální transformace roku

  • 2019

    WebTop 100 2. místo v kategorii Firemní web roku

  • 2017

    WebTop 100 3. místo v kategorii Firemní web roku

We are here to get our european clients to think bravely and outside of the box, to challenge their limits, to help them succeed outside their comfort zone. We help with discovery of a different mindset with a different perspective.

With our digital background and a focus on specific strategy within our work, we deliver extraordinary solutions that solve real business needs. Whether this is via a design of a microsite, fully fledged online application, web portal, digital marketing strategy or integrated campaign, we can deliver. The limit is only your scope.

Applications and Products

We develop apps, we help you to create digital concept and transform creative ideas into fully fledged products. We work for innovative startups as well as for corporate clients. In our DNA is much love of technology, married to an outstanding design.

Web Design & Microsites

We design unique, beautiful and integrated websites thanks to hand-crafted process. From idea inception, through user testing to the final package with all the bells and whistles. No project is too complex or large for us.

Big Data & Infrastructure

We build scalable software solutions. We love the data analytics as the rationale for our decisions. Our division Apploud+ offers AWS platform data services. Our apps are competitive on a global scale and with real-time data processing.


Only brands that use social media channels and chatbots as a fully important communication channel can create reactive content and customer loyalty. By combining the new channels and perfectly formed content we can make brand communication relevant.


Execution must be efficient. For clients in fintech and telco we integrate data feeds from SAP (and others ERPs) or connect their existing CRM services in order to follow seamless clients journey. Terms like REST, SOAP and microservices is our daily bread.


Having great product without customers can be disappointing. Our campaigns are designed to solve individual business needs across all channels, from SEO to social media communication. Strategy and media planning are the core element in every project we undertake.